To Make Him Known

To Make Him Known “Every Christian a missionary; every non-Christian a mission field”. This was a quote from Winkie Pratney, a New Zealandian writer and trainer of missionaries. In Matthew 28, we see Jesus assign the Great Commission to His disciples, to go into all the parts of the world

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  • Parish Together or Perish Apart

    “What is the point of that small church? They are basically just one family. Are they even getting spiritually fed? They should probably just merge with another church so they can actually be a church.”  Depending on your church background, you may have been on the receiving end of those

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  • Pursuit, Patience, and Prosperity

     I was constantly tip-toeing between the delicate balances between these three. It seems like everyone I talk to is in the midst of one of these “Ps.”  Pursuing the career, spouse, or goal of their desire.  Patiently waiting for one of those desires to come through after a season (or

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