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Pursuit, Patience, and Prosperity

 I was constantly tip-toeing between the delicate balances between these three. It seems like everyone I talk to is in the midst of one of these “Ps.”  Pursuing the career, spouse, or goal of their desire.  Patiently waiting for one of those desires to come through after a season (or

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  • His Victory in Our Defeat

    Victory. What comes to mind when you hear this word? For some, victory could be used in the context of sports like for instance the Superbowl, where the Kansas City Chiefs came out victorious this year. For others, victory could be used in the context of competition. Competing against one

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  • Be Still

    Remember those fire drills we went through in elementary school? They taught us how to exit buildings and also what to do if our clothes caught fire. There were 3 simple steps: Stop, Drop and Roll. As fun as these steps were to say or practice, they served one purpose

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