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Let Your Words Be Few

    One of the most amazing things we see in the Bible is how much time Jesus spent in prayer. Throughout all the gospels, it is well documented how close Jesus is with God the Father. John 17 is a whole chapter that talks about the High Priestly prayer Jesus has

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    The biblical figure of Nehemiah is not the most popular or well known. He was not known for acts of heroism like his Old Testament counterparts. He never traversed the expanse of the Red Sea or performed wonders or miraculous acts of deliverance. In most situations, he would be known

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  • To Make Him Known

    To Make Him Known “Every Christian a missionary; every non-Christian a mission field”. This was a quote from Winkie Pratney, a New Zealandian writer and trainer of missionaries. In Matthew 28, we see Jesus assign the Great Commission to His disciples, to go into all the parts of the world

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