• Sheela Chacko

From the inception of our church, women's ministry has played a major role in the life of its members. Prayer and charity work for those in the metroplex and abroad have stood out as its key mission. Women's Ministry sets aside the fourth Sunday of each month for the women of our church to come together in prayer for the elderly, the sick and those with other needs. In regards to charitable work, the women's ministry provided help last year to the inmates in Gilgal Ashwas Bhavan of Kumbanad and supported financially the less fortunate children and widows in India. Along with continued support for these, this year we desire to also help a few young women get married, and assist a few families with new homes in Kerala, India.

Women's Ministry also has seminars and retreats through the year. Our hope is that families, church and workplaces are transformed through our time in prayer and fellowship with each other. Please plan to partner with us in our efforts.

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