IPC Hebron Dallas Inc. took form in 1986 with just a few members and has grown to be a large family of Malayalee Pentecostal believers in the city of Dallas. God's relentless love and care continue to sustain us now as in the past. We remain committed in our call to witness Christ to our community.

Our history begins with us meeting at the rental facilities of Ramada Inn, Gospel Light House after being inaugurated as a congregation on March 16, 1986. Over the course of time, the church owned its first property in Kingsley Rd, Garland, and later built its existing building on Wall Street, Garland.  Through the natural ebb and flow of events, both memorable and challenging circumstances, God alone keeps us strong.

Time after time God has sent spirit-filled men of God to lead our congregation, and under their leadership we strive to take the love of Christ to those around us. We desire that the work of our faith will bear good fruit for God's glory in years to come.