Changing Seasons

If you’re from Texas, you’ve seen the change of seasons this past month, almost skipping fall if I might add. The weather goes from being sunny and hot to almost freezing temperatures in the span of a week. This is no surprise, as the change in weather undoubtedly goes hand in hand with the territory of the changing seasons. The environment around us physically begins to change. And nature forces us to respond to this change, as well.

 I am someone who is often opposed to change, I like consistency and everything going as planned, but I’ve come to realize that change itself is a constant. As people, we go through seasons of joy, peace, sorrow, and desperation, to name just a few. We go through seasons where we are surrounded by people we love, there are no surprises, at least not the bad kind, school is going great, you feel healthy and you feel content. This quickly, when we aren’t even paying attention, changes to seasons of feeling down about ourselves, facing loneliness or anxiety about what tomorrow will hold, feeling as though everything is out of control. 

In Genesis, we read of the story of Joseph, someone who went through seasons of both lows and highs in his life. Throughout his childhood, we see that Joseph was praised and even adored by his father, unlike his other brothers. The jealousy and hate of his brothers eventually led him to be sold to the Ishmaelites where he went through various low seasons and dealt with one trial after another. Even though he was found with favor by Potiphar, Joseph was wrongly accused of adultery by Potipher’s wife which led him to be imprisoned even though he was innocent. See? Joseph could have given up all hope right then and there, everywhere he looked nothing seemed to be in his control or going his way. However, we see that he was faithful to the Lord and continued to follow in his ways. This lead to his interpretation of Pharaoh’s dreams after which Pharaoh put him as the second in command of all of Egypt. Joseph had to go through the low seasons in his life so that his character would be molded and he would learn how to deal with the forthcoming situations, to lead the Egyptian people with integrity. The thing is, we will never know when a season will start or end in our lives. The only thing we can do is hold onto the Lord when times are overflowing and also when times are dry. Something I have had to remind myself, and have others remind me of, is that no matter what season you are in the Lord is there to hear your praises, to hear your pains and to help you be at peace with where you are at. Through every season He is holding onto you and there to listen to how you are feeling. 

One song that I have been listening to on repeat recently is “You Keep on Getting Better” from Maverick City Music. The words of this song put it so beautifully, “I will sing of Your goodness, I will sing of Your love. Though the seasons come quickly, You have always been enough”. Here are some things I’ve learned, if you’ve just gone through a really rough, dry season – rejoice – because the Lord is enough and he brought you through it even when you saw no end. Use the seasons of hardship as learning experiences to prepare for the next one, because there will surely be a next one. From season to season we can learn how to improve ourselves, how to grow with the Lord and by ourselves. Take inventory of your life and assess the good with the bad. This is the beauty of sanctification, that God patiently grows and matures us, as He molds us to look more and more like Him. Another lesson that I’ve learned is that seasons in our lives also prepares us to be in service to others. When we go through a dark season, we can better understand and serve others when they face difficult times. This is true even in Joseph’s life. All the ups and downs taught Joseph the art of forgiving his brothers mistakes and accepting their flaws. His actions opened their eyes to the good that is possible in mankind. We have the Holy Spirit that leads and directs us to serve others in this way.

So, no matter what season you are in, breathe it gets better. As Psalms 55:22 says “Give your burdens to the Lord and He will take care of you.” Press into the Lord and submit what bothers you, from the biggest to the smallest things. Keep in mind, that your ‘answer’, your ‘breakthrough’, the new season you’re waiting for, may not come until we reach the other side of eternity. However, God will give you a peace to move forward through the current season you are in. Never forget that He loves you, no actions, no trials, or pain will change that. Even at our worst or when we don’t feel it like He is near, our Lord is good and when the next season comes you will be reminded of how far the Lord has brought you and why you went through the things you had too. It takes us going through the grueling heat of summer and freezing temperatures of winter to get back to spring again where there is newness, trees coming back to life, flowers blooming, and beautiful weather. Hebrews 13:8 says, “Jesus Christ is the same today and yesterday and forever.” The season in your life may be changing but our Lord is constant and He will bring you through. 

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