Declare your Praise Reports

Declare your Praise Reports 

  As a growing Christian,  I used to struggle with trusting in God to help me in certain situations. I found that it was easier for me to trust Him to help me once I started to remind myself of how much God rescued me before. When I would listen to testimonies as a kid, I would often be amazed of how God could deliver people. Even though their testimonies didn’t directly affect me, my faith was able to become stronger as I heard their praise reports. As I grew older, I discovered the importance of declaring what God has done for us and to speaking it into our current situations.

As humans, we have a tendency to forget the experiences we have overcome in Jesus name. Not even a week goes by when we forget how good God is, and what He has saved us from. God doesn’t need to be reminded of what He did; He knows what He saved you from. We are the ones who need the reminder, we are the ones who need the strength to go through our hardships. What God does want is – the glory. When we declare our praise reports to ourselves, and others, we are glorifying Him. Some of us may keep a list of prayer request that we take out when we come into a time of prayer and then mark them off once they are answered, but how many of us keep that list so that we can go back and thank God for the answered prayers? Reminding ourselves and giving glory to God for what He has done for us in the past will give us the strength to face the future. 

But, don’t just remind yourself in the bad times, but at all times. This way, when the time does come when you are desperately seeking God, you already know in your heart that He has heard you. David says it perfectly in Psalm 6:9- “The Lord has heard my plea; and the LORD accepts my prayer.” David did not say “The Lord has heard my plea but I’m not sure if He will help me in my situation.” No, David declared that the Lord heard his prayer and has accepted it. Why? Because he has seen God work in his life before and he doesn’t doubt that He will now. 

We are reminded of another time a man of God declared His praise reports in 1 Kings 3:6-9. In this passage, God asked Solomon what he wanted and instead of laying his request out first, Solomon begins to praise God for His goodness in his life and the life of his ancestors. Only after he declared the goodness of God, did he lay out his request. Isn’t this a great example of how we should come to God? With thanksgiving first? By declaring what He has done for us in the past? Once we start our prayers by declaring what God has done for us in the past will we start having the faith and the courage to face tomorrow. 

God honors our praises to Him.  He takes joy in them. This is literally the purpose for which we were created. He wants us to declare who He is. The God of the impossible. The God who was there for us yesterday, today, and tomorrow. We may think He has left our side in our lowest moments, when in fact He’s already placed our solution in front of us, waiting for us to remember who He is. If you are placed in a hopeless situation, start writing down all of the impossible situations that God has helped you get out of in the past, the danger He has protected you from, the doors He opened or closed.  Let us no longer correlate God’s goodness, or “lack thereof”, with the ever changing seasons of life but rather see God for who He consistently is. Remind yourself that He does not change and declare your praise!

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