you are neither hot nor cold

Why do you lack passion?

you are comfortable and complacent when you shouldn’t be

you are living for the world, not with God

Why are you being a hypocrite?

you are turning to friends, instead of God

you want to be saved from the penalty, not the actual sin

Where is your trust?

you think more about this life than the next one

you choose what is popular, not what is biblical

Where is your focus?

you are mistaking yourself as right, but you are wrong

you read the bible, but you are unaware of its truth

Why are you stubborn?

you are a Christian on Sunday, and someone else throughout the week

you are called to a life of complete devotion, not a life that tries to incorporate God and the world

Why are you inconsistent?

you are ashamed of the gospel, and still claim Romans 1:16

Why are you a Lukewarm Christian?

But there is hope because…

you are forgiven for every sin you commit

when you run to God, not away from him

you are loved by God, despite the circumstance

you are not defined by the things you do

you are not alone in this struggle that every Christian faces

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