Redeeming Love!

Love is forgiving!
Forgiving the ones who betrayed,
Forgiving the jealous who accused
Jealousy with purposeful pointing fingers
Abandoning in a cold, dark dungeon.
Forgiving stone hearts that traded;
Traded as a slave to foreign merchants,
His worth to twenty silver coins reduced!
Forgiving unrepentant brothers that lied
Lying to their father breaking his heart
Shattering into a million irredeemable pieces
Each glaring at him with hopes and
Promising dreams; sinking despair!

Love is fearless!
Fearless of haughty charges and accusations,
Accusations that drove within the walls
Walls that surrounded, stranded, shattered
Shouting: fallen, forsaken, forgotten!
By the ones he redeemed and lifted
Ingratitude devoured their hearts
once their goals were reached.
Forgotten! But, not lost!
Left alone, but surrendered not
To the separation, the pain, the hatred
That could have consumed his young heart
Consuming grief; assuring faith!

Love is confident!
Confiding in the Counselor who controls,
Confidently standing before the king
Trusting the Interpreter of all dreams,
All knowledge, all wisdom, all mysteries,
Again with dreams that caused havoc
From home, to captivity, disgrace, and throne
Revealing secrets, predicting calamities;
Unflinching! Unmindful! Forgetting the past
Reliant; not self-seeking
Fearing the One who consumes the proud,
Surrendering to The Eternal, not temporal!
Dispelling doubts; swelling trust!

Love is redeeming!
Redeeming soul, faith, family and all
Redeeming from the depth of loneliness
To the highest state a king can offer
Re-establishing sunken dreams, broken vessels
Declaring to the people! Giving Glory!
Uplifting Almighty in a heathen nation
Restoring brothers, broken relationships,
Reviving dreams and withered bones
Of his ancient father who never stopped
Beating to see restoration, redemption
That only love can bring
Redeeming Love; forfeiting debt!

                                                — Jaya Varughese

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